Cable Television Cord Cutting $$$

Cable Television Cord Cutting $$$

About 5 years ago Tami and I did our first bit of cord cutting. As crazy as it sounded at the time we dropped our cable provider phone service and went 100% mobile.  Never looked back.

Over the last couple of years I've noticed Cox Communications, our cable (TV and Internet) provider, has run specials for new customers at rates that are 60% of what we have paid for years.  I've tried calling them on numerous occasions to ask them to lower our rates without reducing service.  To no avail.  You would think that a faithful fifteen year customer would receive some amount of love vs the new customers.  After the last call I swore when an appropriate, less expensive solution came along we would switch.  For the record, we really like their internet service.

Recently I learned of the MOHU HD (broadcast) Antenna's, Roku streaming boxes and Sling TV.  The product quality and reviews of these appeared to be good enough we decided to give it a try.  In short we did the following: (1) drop the Cox Advanced TV Preferred (2) install the MOHU Sky 60 Outdoor Antenna in the attic (3) purchase the Roku Ultra streaming box, and (4) add-on the Sling TV Blue service to the Roku Ultra.  I'm amazed at what these devices do.  The antenna receives 67 HD channels free.  All the major networks, local stations, plus more.  The Roku box has a long list of free programming, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and the Sling TV add-on.  Sling TV covers most of the other channels like History, Nat Geo etc.  We couldn't be happier and we're saving a bunch of money, $966.00 per year.  Check out the details below:

Existing Services / Cost  Monthly Fee
Cox Advanced TV Preferred (inc Taxes) $(105.50)
Netflix (inc Taxes) $(10.85)
Amazon Prime  $(10.00)

New Services / Cost  Monthly Fee
MOHU Sky 60 Outdoor Antenna (Mounted in Attic) $0.00                     -  
Sling TV (Blue Service) $25.00
Netflix (inc Taxes) $10.85
Amazon Prime $10.00

Savings Per Month $(80.50)
Savings Per Year $(966.00)

One Time Costs
MOHU Sky 60 Outdoor Antenna $150.00
Roku Ultra $130.00

1st Year Only Savings $(686.00)

As a final note when I called Cox Communications to cancel they asked if there was anything they could do to keep us from leaving. I told them to maintain my services and reduce my bill $966.00 per year.

Please don't shoot the messenger.  Your mileage may vary. Cheers!